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#4 found

Craig M. reported finding #4 RB Beach Glass on Friday, April 26. It was near Kruckeberg Botanic Garden on 15th Avenue NW.

The next one will be hidden by the end of next weekend. We’ll keep you posted.



The fourth RB Beach Glass is still in play, waiting to be hunted down. The first location photo was really rather poor so here is a better photo clue. Does it look more familiar to anyone this time?

If you find it, please leave a comment here or on the Richmond Beach Community Association Facebook page to let everyone know it’s been found. Tell us your story: when (you found it), how (looking for or stumbled across it), who (you were with) and where you live (neighborhood or city). Plus any other details you’d  like to share.


Take advantage of the amazing weather to hunt for the fourth RB Beach Glass hidden art. It’s waiting for you!


Yammi Remmers reports her niece and friend came across the third RB Beach Glass Sunday, April 22, while enjoying the sunny weather at Saltwater Park.

#3 RB Beach Glass


The forecast calls for plenty of sunny weather to look for RB Beach Glass #3. These photos are the clues: what it looks like up close and in its hiding spot.

If you find it, please leave a comment here or on the Richmond Beach Community Association Facebook page to let everyone know it’s been found.

Don’t forget to follow the blog to get the posts emailed as soon as they go live.

2 rbBeachGlass foundAfter just missing finding the first Beach Glass with her son CJ (in photo with #2), Anaquita Rose was ready for #2.

“When I saw the post in my email, my initial thought was, ‘I know that foliage!’ And thus ran up to find it. And then hit up the library after before going back home. Where I promptly gave it to my kid who hugged it. (He’s been home with a vicious cold.)”

#3 will be out there soon and we’ll keep you posted!

#2 RB Beach Glass

#2-RBBeach-GlassIt’s Monday. And tax day. But it’s sunny and that makes up for a ton ’round these parts, right?

So it’s a great day to look for the second RB Beach Glass hidden art. The photo at left shows what is hidden and where it is (that’s your clue). The first item set a pretty high bar in how quickly it was found – less than two hours from being posted! How fast are you this week, Richmond Beach?

If you find it, please revisit this page and leave a comment letting us know it is claimed. Have fun!

#1 Found

Richmond Beach residents Chico (left) and Bo pose with RB Beach Glass #1, which they found (with a little help from their people, Lori and Walter Knuckey) less than two hours after the photo clue was posted.

Lori said she signed up for the blog after seeing the project mentioned in the Richmond Beach Community News.

“We went searching, climbed a lot of stairs, thanks for the exercise and we found it! Great fun!” Lori said. “We live in Richmond Beach and walk the beach often.”

The next piece of RB Beach Glass will be hidden by April 15. Check back, or better yet, sign up now.

The first RB Beach Glass piece has been hidden. Here is another image of the art as well as a shot of it in situ.

The first item in the RB Beach Glass project has been hidden. Above shows a snapshot of where it is hidden and another view of the item.

If you find it, please revisit this page and leave a comment letting us know it is claimed.

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