Beach-Glass-TerrariumsThere are 12 RB Beach Glass terrariums hidden today at various places participating in the Richmond Beach Celebration. Since there have been four hidden art items previously, these are numbered 5-17. Unlike previous items, there are no photo clues for these, only general locations. Check out the Richmond Beach Community Association website for all the details on what’s happening this weekend including locations, times and shuttle service parking.

Please let us know on this blog or the RBCA Facebook page which number you’ve found and where you found it because we need to track how many remain hidden. We love hearing other details like if you were looking or just stumbled upon one, who you were with, what neighborhood you live in and what you plan to do with it.

Special thanks to the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden for donating the native beach strawberry plants (Fragaria chiloensis). Each jar also contains one of two native succulents also originally purchased at KBG: Oregon stonecrop (Sedum oreganum) or broadleaf stonecrop (Sedum spathulifolium).

KBG horticulturists recommend replanting the strawberry and sedum or only misting them if you leave them in the jar. If too much water gets in the jar – and I’m swallowing my (microscopic though it is) gardening pride to share my painful personal experience here – this nearly-impossible-to-kill, drought-tolerant strawberry plant will, in fact, die a quick and rather pathetic death.