StrawFest-Beach-Glass-post-2Of the dozen RB Beach Glass terrariums hidden last weekend, as many as five may still be waiting to be found — most at the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden. The Garden,  20312 15th Ave NW‎ , is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. As of this morning (5/14/13), we have two officially claimed by the finders, three others reported found by bystanders and two no longer in their hiding places. That leaves five unknown. The only other clue I can offer is that there are none left at the RB Community Park. Don’t know about the one at Richmond Beach Rehab but I may check on it later today.

Please let us know on this blog or the RBCA Facebook page which number you’ve found and where you found it because we need to track how many remain hidden. We love hearing other details like if you were looking or just stumbled upon one, who you were with, what neighborhood you live in and what you plan to do with it. See the last post for more information about the plants in the terrariums.