#18-RBBeach-GlassAfter the dozen RB Beach Glass items hidden for the Strawberry Festival earlier this month, development of the latest item was slow. But it’s out and waiting to be found. The night photo of the location is a tricky clue. Stealthy placement plus amateur photography equals a poorly lit image. Sorry, but just consider it another part of the challenge. Especially since it is not in deep hiding by any means.

Only a fraction of the Strawberry Festival terrariums were reported found though none remain in their hiding places. At least one was broken before it made it to its finder’s car. Here’s hoping the rest are alive and well!

Please let us know on this blog or the RBCA Facebook page if you’ve found an RB Beach Glass hidden art item. Those who are searching like to know when the hunt is over. Please share your story. Other details such as if you were looking or just stumbled upon one, who you were with, what neighborhood you live in and what you plan to do with it are always interesting to hear.