#21-RBBeach-GlassRB Beach Glass #21 comes with a few more helpful hints than normal. This piece is hanging. Though it’s not knotted in place, seekers may want to have scissors with them just in case of tangles. It’s also not tied especially low, though not excessively high either. I’m about 5’7″ and it was easy for me to tie. Those with a little less reach may want to plan appropriately.

This location is not quite as visible as recent placements but it is in plain view once you reach it. If, that is, you know to look.

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Please let us know on this blog or the RBCA Facebook page if you’ve found an RB Beach Glass hidden art item. Those who are searching like to know when the hunt is over. Please share your story. Other details such as if you were looking or just stumbled upon one, who you were with, what neighborhood you live in and what you plan to do with it are always interesting to hear.