So everyone missed their chance to celebrate the 4th with a big jar-o-sand decorated with red, silver and blue glitter. The good news is it is still waiting so here’s and extra hint: it’s along an official pedestrian cut-through. The better news? There is a lot more to this than sand and glitter.

Turn, twist, shake, look and explore. Can you find the elephant? Red crystal? Patriotic fish? Dozens of little objects await your discovery. Test yourself against this list – #37 RB Beach Glass items – but be on the look out for other items. Not everything is listed.

Finders: Let us know it is found on this site by commenting below or on the Richmond Beach Community Association Facebook page. But don’t stop there! What was the first object you saw? What is your favorite? What was the most surprising? As alway, the art is free to whoever finds it.

Happy hunting!

Did you find RB Beach Glass hidden art?

Please share where and what you found on this site or the RBCA Facebook page. Those who are searching like to know when the hunt is over. Tell us your story: any details such as if you were looking or just stumbled upon one, who you were with, what neighborhood you live in and what you plan to do with it are always interesting to hear. We also like to see photos of it in it’s new home as you’ll see from previous posts. Whatever you’d like to share is most welcome.