Thanks to hunter Kerstin Novion for reporting #38 RB Beach Glass, the Brown Fish by Alex Danford-Rincon, was apparently already found when she followed the clues to look for it this morning. (Alex did a drive-by to confirm that, yes, it’s gone.) Hoping to still hear from the finder directly. If that is you, please let us know!

This is by no means the first RB Beach Glass found within 24 hours of posting. Some have been found in less than an hour! 

All except one, that is. Sadly, lonely #37 is still hiding and waiting, waiting, waiting for someone to find it. (As of last week it was still there.) True, it looks homely in the photo and maybe in person, too. But it has hidden treasures inside and is much more fun than it’s appearance would suggest!

If someone – anyone! — is interested in finding it but the clues didn’t help enough, please let me know. I’ll be happy to give more, uhm, detailed clues (as in, I’ll draw you a map if you need it). 

Thanks for taking part in this community adventure and happy hunting!