Beach Glass is a bit of an experiment to add another interesting element to walking around Richmond Beach. Randomly during the year smallish pieces of art will be hidden in the neighborhood, free to whomever finds it. All we ask of those who find the art is to  report on this blog that it is claimed.

The guidelines page will help you know where the art may be hidden, but perhaps more importantly, where not to look. (For example, do not look in your neighbor’s backyard as it will not be there. Or, rather, if it is there, it is already claimed!) Each time a piece is hidden, we’ll also be posting a few clues: a photo of the piece and a close up of where it is hidden.

Comments are most welcome but please be kind! We know art is in the eye of the beholder but free is free. With that in mind and for those who might be more interested in hunting rather than gathering, you may always leave the piece in place yet still notify the blog that you’ve found it. Another option is to collect the art, log that you found it, then re-release it somewhere else in Richmond Beach with a new location “clue” pic shared with the blog.