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Richmond Beach native, Alex Danford-Rincon, has been fascinated by beach glass as far back as he can remember.  One of his many hobbies is to turn it into lampshades, ornaments, small windows and even jewelry.  By soldering them together using the copper foil technique, he loves combining bits of glass foundred tip on Richmond Beach into rustic pieces of art.

In this place of arresting views, Alex‘s hope is that his efforts will encourage other beach goers not to overlook the beauty close by . . . even at their own feet.

Alex uses the glass as it is when found; none of it is artificially abraded. Alex’s work is exclusively given as gifts or donated to non-profits for fundraising sales.


Ready to begin the adventure?

Welcome to the Richmond Beach Community Association’s hidden art odyssey: Beach Glass. As the warmer weather calls us out of hibernation and into the freshening air, we have so much beauty to appreciate as we walk around Richmond Beach. Fab parks. Gorgeous views. Inspiring flora in our neighbors’ yards. Unique restaurants and shops. Not to mention seeing other neighbors also out enjoying a stroll.

Beach Glass is a bit of an experiment to add another interesting element to your walk around RB. Weekly April through September a smallish piece of art will be hidden in Richmond Beach, free to whomever finds it. All we ask of those who find them is to visit this blog to let us know it is claimed. See the Overview and Guidelines above for more information.

Be sure to check back the first week of April for the project kick off!

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